A Healthy Mouth Inspires A Happy Life

A Healthy Mouth Inspires A Happy Life

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Wellness Tips | 14 February, 2022

How to keep your smile in check for Valentine’s Day (and every day of the year)

This Valentine's Day is all about showing your teeth a little tender, loving care! Having a smile you feel confident wearing starts with good oral hygiene and can be further improved with a number of cosmetic treatments offered by your local Maven Dental dentist.

Wellness Tips | 06 December, 2021

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Christmas is coming and that means it’s the season to be smiling! As we all know, dental accidents can happen and at Maven Dental your health and wellness is our number one priority.

Wellness Tips | 16 November, 2021

Getting the most value from your private health fund this year!

Have private health insurance and want to make the most out of your dental extras? Maven Dental's Clinical Advisor, Dr Fred Calavassy, provides some tips on how to keep your dental costs down.

Wellness Tips | 02 November, 2021

The treatment removing anxiety from dental appointments

Dental fear is very common, and some people cannot stand the idea of having their teeth worked on however, there is a treatment that can help!

Wellness Tips | 26 October, 2021

Getting Ready For a Healthy Halloween

Although Halloween is one of the most loved holidays of the year for young children, it can have a detrimental effect on our teeth.

Wellness Tips | 11 October, 2021

Thinking about Veneers?

A happy, confident smile is often the most memorable feature of a persons appearance! If you've been looking in the mirror and noticing any discoloured, cracked or oddly shaped teeth, Dental Veneers could be the answer!

Wellness Tips | 17 September, 2021

What You Need To Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

Whether you’re looking at fixing a few minor problems with your teeth’s appearance or looking at a smile makeover, Maven Dental offers a range of cosmetic dental procedures that can help you feel more like you!

Wellness Tips | 02 September, 2021

Dental Health for Women

As we’re all aware, taking care of your teeth is essential to your overall well-being. Women’s needs can slightly differ from men’s due to multiple unique body changes that occur at different stages of their lives, which can negatively impact gums and teeth. 

Community | 24 August, 2021

Abano Healthcare to Acquire 1300Smiles

1300Smiles has today entered into a Scheme Implementation Agreement with Adams Aus Bidco Pty Limited (Abano Bidco), a member of the Abano Healthcare Group (Abano Healthcare) under which Abano Bidco has agreed to acquire up to 84% of 1300Smiles by way of a Scheme of Arrangement

Wellness Tips | 30 July, 2021

How To Maintain Your Smile For Life

Oral health is the foundation of our wellbeing, and a healthy smile for life should be a goal for all of us regardless of our age.

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